PDIC English Project


We are now translating PDIC into English.

辞書作成・検索ソフト Personal Dictionary(PDIC) のマニュアル、ヘルプ等を英語化します。





We released the English version of PDIC(prototype). It is translated from PDIC/Unicode Ver.5.7.x. (It might not be the latest version)

Program File

PDICU-5.7.49-ENU-setup.exe Ver.5.7.49 2018/1/23 released
This version is a prototype for translation, Not official release. Redistribution is not allowed now.

PDICU-5.4.10-ENG-setup.exe Ver.5.4.10 2009/2/20 released
This version is obsolete and a prototype for translation. Redistribution is not allowed.

Resource Files (details are described below)

pdicu-res-20100220.zip - resource files (.dfm and .txr)
pdicu-help-eng-20100220.zip - help files(.html)

PDIC dictionaries for terminology to normalize.
pdicu-res-v3-3.dic - for .dfm files
pdicu_txr-en5013-1.dic - for pdicu.txr
depu_txr-en1.dic - for depu.txr

Translation Progress/Status

Status In Progress
.dfm files Waiting for proofing. Almost translated. None
.rc files Waiting for proofing. Translation done. None
.txr files Waiting for proofing. Translation done. None
Help files Not translated. None
Other document files Not translated. None

This table shows the status clearly what you can edit now or not.

Translation Workflow

1) If you want to translate, please announce the determination in our mailing list (see bellow). The preferred form is simple, just let us know the file names (see above table) to be translated or proofreaded, and the estimated day when your translation will be done.
2) After prepared completely, send the files to , PDIC auther via E-mail or Ftp or else.
3) TaN (or other person) will check them and integrate them into PDIC program. Please note that the release will be announced on this page.

Technical Information for translation

PDIC uses resource files that are composed of .txr file and .dfm. .dfm files are embedded in pdicu.exe executable file.
.txr file is simple text file, the format is dedicated to PDIC. .dfm file is specific for C++Builder.

txr files

These files are distributed with PDIC, encoded in Unicode(UTF-8). They describe many messages used in PDIC.
File format is


It is very simple format. If you change the message, PDIC will be able to support any language.

It is important that the order of the lines must not be changed. Do not exchange or delete the lines, otherwise PDIC will say mysterious messages.
.rc file resource
Some other resources such as some menu in pdicu.rc file. It is classic-style Windows resource file. You can find the format of the file on the Internet..

Details of *.dfm file

As you can see the dfm file, it describes the dialogs used in PDIC. dfm file is specific for C++Builder. (C++Builder is development environment to build PDIC)

- "Caption" line in the .dfm file is to be translated. And you will find the Japanese (or unknown) text in other lines, which is also to be translated.
- Do not translate font name. Font name is specific to the operating system. (Not PDIC) (We will change the font to the proper name latter.)
- If you cannot decide to translate or not, "xxx_UTF7" label tells the translation target itself. Around the xxx_UTF7 line, you will find the translation target. (Caption_UTF7 etc.)
- However, "xxx_UTF7" line should not be translated. This line is automatically generated by program.

Rules for Translation
Some simple rules are:
- As with shortcut character "&". For example, "コピー(&C)" should be translated into "&Copy", Do NOT be "Copy(&C)"
- If you cannot find the shortcut character, use the brancket. For example, "コピー(&X)" should be translated into "Copy(&X)".
Help Files
Help file is composed of many html files, and you can edit the files with HTML editor application.
There are many many many files to consume your time.

Other document files

I will translate the document till the official release..

I will find the other mailing list because it is not useful for non-Japanese.





【送金免除国】 Permission for use without payment

・ブータン王国 Kingdom of Bhutan : Thankful to Sakaida-san.