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Target OS:Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Software Overview

· Full-text search without index creation (so-called grep)
- Since it is not indexing type, it is possible to perform high-speed search in real time on the development source code being updated at any time
· Operation by keyboard only possible
· Upper case / lower case identification, first matching word, word unit, regular expression, Roman alphabet (Options - Romaji Mode)

· Multi-threaded, high-speed search with memory-mapped file
· File name search
· Multiple simultaneous search by multi tab
· Saving / restoring state of multi tab
· Set memory (record directory + mask + option, one call)

· Refine search results (AND search)
· Support for ShiftJIS, EUC-JP, JIS, Unicode (UTF-16/8) Options - Character Code Detection for automatic determination · Centering display of search results View - Centering
· Sort search results by file name, date order, size order View - Sort
· Information display of retrieved files
· File open history View - Jump History
· VUP notification function, semi-automatic VUP function
---- Ver.1.1 ----
· Preview function · Displaying xx lines · Ctrl + Shift + ↑ ↓, Ctrl + Space to change preview line number · Completion candidate display in directory input field · Display only file names in list, hit line number, date, size, Display character code etc.
---- Ver.1.2 ----
· Error report function (EurekaLog)
· The maximum number of search threads is changed from 4 to 16 * If you are using the old version, you need to change it to 16 in the setting
· Confirm subdirectory with \ key in directory entry field

· History of tab switching.Hold down the Ctrl key with Ctrl + Tab, Ctrl + Shift + Tab and move to the old tab
· Function to copy lines of search result
· Default character code can be specified (convenient for erroneous judgment)
· Search from the command line - Use the current directory when using the same directory if there is the same directory
· When use the History Jump, move the item to the latest
· Ctrl + F to open the file with the shortcut key
---- Ver.1.3 ----
· Search with optimized number of threads depending on CPU cores
· Automatic shortcut key function that is started by Ctrl+F key. (To be enabled by Tools - Options - Advanced - Shortcut)
· You can edit the tab name and the directory when you create new tab.
· Display the found items sorted by the hit count.
---- Ver.1.4 ----
· Display shortcut characters for file open by pressing Ctrl key at a brief moment.
· Complment input word for Search box from search history
Show the complement word list for Search box from search history
  - Tab key to go to the list
  - Select the item by pressing shortcut character
  - Ctrl+Del to delete the suggestion word from the history
· Alt+Enter key to open the file with application related to its extesion
· Smart Case iis to be optional

Development Motivation

Recent PCs are faster than in the past, and in small to medium sized source code grep can complete the search within seconds. However, many UIs do not change and it is troublesome to purposely open a dialog. So may not it be possible to have a full-text search of incremental search? There was a thing called butterfly_search , but the author was busy and did not proceed slowly, but offering to cooperate free of charge as well as offering the source code continued to refuse stubbornly refusing the wheel I decided to.
Originally I tried to speed up using database but recent PCs are so fast that it is almost unnecessary unless it is a huge project like Linux kernel etc.Rather it takes time to index and manage, and it is not pleasing for developers and users either.So I decided to change the idea, rather than returning to the primitive era, to adopt an approach to speed up by making full use of cash functions etc.If this is the case, you can make it immediately & use it as a common grep search, then you can gradually add the necessary place while finding the free time.

Just as a pure question, what kind of search tool do many programmers use for the huge source code recently?Except for genius-like programmers who saw everything they saw on their heads, are they still working on grep as usual?If you are a professional programmer you may be allowed to do with grep search (because you can get it on time), I think that grep is straightforward for a person who is doing programming with a hobby like herself ...

Make something I want, make something that is not in the world.

I made it while thinking, but after all it is a matter of taste like this.

How to Use




Bulletin Board

Bulletin board

Magazine Publication / Introduction etc.

Source Code

source file:
※ Because it seems there are no users to build, so it is not updated for now. To those who need it to the bulletin board .
* TntVCL has been slightly modified from the original.
* I think that free TntVCL is not open to the public at this time.
Development environment: C ++ Builder 5
Source code tree (reference example):
\src\VCL\TntLib\<TntUnicodeControls ->
\src\tnlib2\<tnlib2 - src ->
unpack like that. (Directory independent)
Build procedure:
1. Install TntVCL according to the attached TntVCL document.(In the folder of BCB 5)
2. Build tnlib2 with make - DUNICODE = 1.(Make is provided with C ++ Builder, it is not GNU make)
3. Open moorea.bpr in C ++ Builder
4. Create an obj directory under the folder of moorea.bpr
5. Create \temp directory (for saving *.csm file)
6. Build moorea with C ++ Builder